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 Did you know?:

  • Three to five children in every classroom have been exposed to domestic violence.
  • Girls between the ages of 14 and 24 are the most vulnerable to sexual assault.
  • Schools may be the only safe place where children and youth can access support.
  • Exposure to violence can negatively affect peer relations and academic achievement.
  • Understanding the effects of child and youth exposure to violence can help adults to more effectively support students.
  • Schools help to develop the values, norms, and attitudes that children and  youth learn. Early education and intervention programs can have a critical impact on building healthy relationships.


Overview of VIP:

The VIP Program is a comprehensive provincial strategy linking BC schools with the Prevention, Education, Education, Advocacy, Counselling and Empowerment (PEACE) Programs for children and youth. VIP aims to break the silence on domestic and sexual violence and provide a safe space for students to speak and learn.  The VIP curriculum aligns with the Ministry of Education Curriculum. 

VIP Programs offered by Archway Society:

Healthy Relationships for Grades 4-6

This is an interactive workshop delivered over four 1.5 hour classroom sessions.  The workshop introduces the topic of relationships and invites students to begin identifying the actions and attitudes that promote healthy interaction in a variety of relationships in their lives. Topics include:

  • Defining healthy relationships 
  • Gender roles and stereotypes 
  • Boundaries and how do we make and respect them
  • Safety in relationships 
  • Local resources and support


BELIEVE Project for Grades 7-9

This presentation is delivered in two 1.5 hour to 2 hour classroom sessions. Students are encouraged to begin thinking more specifically about violence in dating and intimate relationships as they enter their adolescent years. Topics include:

  • Describing healthy relationships 
  • Defining sexual violence, sexual assault, and harassment
  • Consent in relationships and what it looks like
  • Defining sexting and exploring the risks
  • Local resources and support


Dating Violence and Sexual Assault for Grades 10-12

This presentation is delivered in one block (1hr 20min) and where possible is presented in partnership with the local RCMP School Liaison Officer. Topics include:

  • An overview of healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships 
  • Warning signs of dating violence
  • Defining sexual assault and sexual offences specific to minors
  • Consent in relationships and what it looks like
  • Local resources and support

Parent Presentations

This is an hour long presentation designed for parents with students in grades 6-12. Topics include:

  • Tips for talking to your children about healthy relationships 
  • Tips for talking about sexual activity and consent
  • Warning signs of dating violence
  • What to do if your child is sexually assaulted
  • Local resources and support

Staff School Presentations

Based on the needs of the school staff members participating, presentations can be tailored to include an overview of the information presented to students, including the following:

  • Tips for responding to sexual assault disclosures and your legal obligations
  • An overview of local resources including the role of the Oak Child and Youth Advocacy Centre

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