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After many months of Creatrix Rising workshops the artists finally got to see their work displayed so beautifully in the Exhibit, at Caetani Centre, and they were so proud of themselves. The main event on March 8, International Women’s Day,  brought in more than one hundred visitors to honour the women. It was a true celebration of each woman’s creativity, their accomplishments and journey. Eight artists contributed to the exhibit from clay work and poetry to acrylic and Encaustic paintings. Even though the exhibit wasn’t the main goal of the project, the ripple effects of sharing their art with the community has meant that more awareness has been raised about Archway Society and the work we do.

The true success of Creatrix Rising lies in the impact it had on the women who participated. Similar to peeling back the layers of an onion, at every turn of this project new ways could be seen as to how this art project was a benefit. Here are some comments from the participants; “Creatrix Rising has helped me in opening the door to the depth of creativity living inside of me. It has allowed me a much greater witnessing in myself, the surprise at how much more I have to offer than I ever realized”, “being a part of Creatrix Rising has challenged me to see my worth not only as an artist, but in my day to day life.”

Behind the scenes were so many great volunteers and partners that made it all possible. Hundreds of volunteer hours went into planning & coordination, into workshop offerings and the exhibit itself. The gifts from sponsors, partners and funders values a total of $13,715. This is so incredible and none of this could have been done without them. See below the list of all our amazing partners

I want to express gratitude to all Archway staff for contributing to the success of Creatrix Rising. Big thanks to Monica, for supporting the promotions and graphic design, Kim, for admin support, front line and program staff for promoting Creatrix Rising however you could with your clients, and Cyndie for graciously sharing the warrior women song as part of the opening celebration.

Additionally I thank everyone in the community for coming to view the exhibit.

Hears to hoping we can do this again,

Submitted by Cindy Klassen
Volunteer Program Coordinator

Creatrix Rising list of partnerships

List of Funders
– UBCO through PRE Fund (Partnership, Recognition and Exploration fund)
– Vernon & District immigrant & Community Services from the Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives Program Research Partnership
– Vernon Alliance Community Initiative fund
– Vernon Elks #45
List of workshop Partners
– Vernon Community Arts Centre
– Opus Art Supplies – Kelowna
– Nadine’s Fine Art & Framing
– Caetani Centre
List of Artists
– Alessandra Woodward
– Juve Furtado
– Asana Hughes
– Rosie Enzing
– Carla Peters
– Auroara Leigh
Volunteer Committee Members
– Alessandra Woodward
– Asana Hughes
– Angie Ioakimidou
– Sue Rooks
– Brigitte Stass
Exhibit Sponsors
– Caetani Centre
– Gum tree Catering
– Karma Karming Fruit Co
– Bramble Bush
Other Volunteers
– Maliya Canty
– Bonnie Cameron
– Isabel Furtado
– Donna Carlson
– Susan Egan
– Ashley Cornwell
– Brooke Kuzyk
– Brangwen Mooney
– Jasmine Patrick
– Monica Vogler