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  Extraordinary Women, Ordinary Lives

As an organization, we have the privilege of walking alongside resilient and courageous women who are rebuilding their lives. We feel inspired by the many women who are dedicated to improving the lives of others in our community.  As we reflect upon the amazing women we see every day we realize in our community we are surrounded by seemingly ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

As you read this, you might find yourself thinking about someone you know. The more you think about her, the more you realize the genuinely heroic dimensions to her life.  We want to acknowledge her.  To say “we see you; we recognize your incredible contributions and we acknowledge that you are extraordinary!”  To this end, we are looking for nominations for our ‘Extraordinary Women, Ordinary Lives” campaign.   They come from all walks of life – some might be doing their work in a high profile environment, others might be quietly working to make positive changes towards a brighter future.

Tell us why you are nominating this woman. What role has she played in your life and/or in the community? Why do you believe she should be featured as one of Archway’s Extraordinary Women? 

How to submit: 

Email to:  preventionawareness@archwaysociety.ca (subject line: Extraordinary Nomination)

Mail your nomination to:

Archway Society for Domestic Peace                                                                                                                     Attn: Extraordinary Nomination                                                                                                                             2400 46th Avenue, Vernon,  BC  V1T 9N5

Fill out the nomination form below:

These are ordinary women who have chosen to make their lives extraordinary,

and they show us it is possible for any woman to do the same!

Archway Society for Domestic Peace

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