250.542.1122 Transition House. Help is available 24/7 (Including Holidays)

The holidays are meant to be the most wonderful time of the year, but we know that for women and children experiencing domestic abuse it is far from this and can be a frightening and isolating time. Come see us in Village Green Shopping Centre at our Heart of the Holidays booth and find out the different ways that you can support Archway Society and the women and families that we’ve helped, and are helping.
Monetary donations are always welcome, you can buy a raffle ticket for a luxury hardwood dog crate from Hope Springs FURniture, purchase one of our wonderful tote bags, learn more about our seventeen programs we offer or about becoming a volunteer!
We couldn’t do it without our 2023 Booth sponsors! a big shout out to Lake City Casinos, SilverRock Land Corp and World Health and Fitness