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Letter of Support for SD22 and SOGI Education

Sept. 19, 2023


Gen Acton Chair, Board of Education , School District 22 Vernon
1401 15th Street Vernon, BC V1T 8S8

Attention:   Chair Acton and Trustees

Archway Society For Domestic Peace supports sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) education within School District 22.  As an organization supporting victims of gender-based violence, we applaud your commitment to cultivating a safe and inclusive environment for all our students to feel valued, heard, and seen.

Gender-based violence exists because of the inequities that exist in our society which foster discrimination, disenfranchisement and marginalization.   Education is an essential tool as we work toward a just and equal society for everyone.  SOGI education, gender-affirming practices and the fostering of a safe and protective environment for youth in our schools is a good first step as we work together to foster a sense of belonging for everyone in our communities.

Archway Society for Domestic Peace appreciates the strong stand School District 22 has taken towards inclusion, diversity, and human rights.   We understand that a safe and inclusive community depends on the active participation of everyone.


Micki Materi  – Co-Executive Director of Programs                   Sherry Demetrick – Co-Executive Director of Administration